Fund Raiser: My Cancer Tests (Goal: $750)

Cancer continues to be a dark cloud over my head for years now.  I’ve had 3 cancer scares already – from various areas of my body – and this one is the scariest.

I’ve previously written about my fibroid issues and last month it was one of my worst episodes in years.  My Doctor is concerned and sent me to a specialist… The specialist is VERY concerned and has urgently scheduled a biopsy that is set for tomorrow.  In addition he’s scheduled me for an ultra sound so have a full view of my uterus area.

After a week of tracking down insurance, codes and quotes.. the final answer is… I need to cover the $750 out of pocket costs for these tests.  I’ve used the little I had on just the $40 Doctor, urgent care and emergency room co-payments.  Let me say I am VERY FORTUNATE and THANKFUL for having insurance but it’s a strain in a month that has been financially strained.

BUT I’m keeping my head up and forging forward… these tests WILL take place because KNOWING is HALF the battle!

Your help in sharing and donating will be greatly appreciated.  I will share my experience so that others that are facing the same or are afraid to face these tests will know what the steps are and hopefully gain strength from my journey.

May these tests come back NEGATIVE and proceed with a treatment that will bring me back to optimum health!

Para ARRIVA y Adelante!!

Much Love,

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