Free SPEAKERS! YES… FREE!! Amazing “Oragami” Speakers

My coworker just shared with me the item that came in the mail for him.  It’s a small white device that uses
vibration to turn almost ANY item – such as empty boxes and metal cabinets (we tested it) in to SPEAKERS for your phone/mp3/ipod or laptop etc…  If it has a headphone plug-in,  it will work!

Get it while supplies last… I couldn’t post it fast enough during my lunch time.

All you pay is shipping cost:  Flat Rate starts at $7.75 plus a few cents for your State Tax. 
In California it came out to $7.38 to get this little gadget to me.

The battery is rechargeable and can’t wait to have the kiddos make themselves some cardboard speakers for themselves to use when watching a movie on their notepad.

Here’s the Link:  FREE ITEM LINK!!!

Let me know if you ordered it and if it was as awesome as I found it to be!

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