Feening For Animal Print & Metal! Part3 of “Dress Code: Casual… What Does THAT Mean?”

Today is OFFICIALLY the coolest day for “Our Fall” here in Los Angeles!  I actually was able to bring out my white leather “Gently Used” jacket.  Wore my handy dandy black tights and my “normally” workout “MEOW” shirt with gold metallic lepord spots and keyhole shoulders.  I’m Feening for ANIMAL PRINT & METAL and this right here has satisfied that need.  Mwahahahahaaaa!!!

While my kids kept saying: “You look like a TEENAGER MOM!!!!”  
I kept smiling and adding my spiked earrings to really push my kiddos over the edge.

I know, some of you are not fans of leggings being worn as pants… I truly enjoy the FREEDOM to be as comfy as I wanna’ be with a long shirt that covers my back side and a jacket that water falls perfectly over my double tummy.  Don’t hate me for liking this look!

Measurements:  47-42-53  Height 5’0 Weight 240lbs

Blouse is a “discount rack” find at my favorite shop in East L.A… has no name and haven’t seen it around.  Sorry gals I will search sites for similar and will update.  *Make sure you comment to receive the updates!

Leggings are from the same store.  I buy them as a 3XL as I like the extra material to pull over my belly and isn’t stretched on the beefy parts of my lower body.  This insures better coverage.

Jacket is a Facebook Group Find.. in “gently used” condition that I purchased when the weather was TOO HOT that people were practically giving them away!
Brand is Torrid Size 3XL.  This design is no longer available but the link will take you directly to their jacket selection.  My arms are very beefy but would recommend a size 2XL.. AND if you’re longer torso consider this as a short jacket.  It worked perfectly on my shortness.

Glittery Zebra Shoes : Mossimo Brand from Target  These were also a Facebook find and style is no longer available on their site.

Purse: I haven’t been too much in to purses.  I tend to stick with one for a year or so but now.. I’m LOVING them!  This one is big enough to put my 14″ Gateway laptop in to it along with all the cords, camera and wallets.  I LOVE spikes and metal can’t you tell?
Brand: Izzy and Ali  “cross body” design.  This came from a Lot that I purchased and have other purses available in my “SALE:From My Closet” tab of my blog.

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