“Fashion To Figure” Dress Giveaway Name List

It’s 11:30 p.m., March 30st 2014,  and here’s the list with an entry number assigned. (I will add anyone that makes it by the Midnight Deadline in a few minutes):

1 Angel Van Meter
2 Ebony Harper
3 Amanda Arp
4 Adrianne Jennings
5 Bree Hurt
6 Crystal Rangel
7 Ashlee H
8 KOre
9 Brazy
10 Liza
11 Betty Argabright
12 Colleen
13 Sunshine
14 Woman with Child
15 Ashlee Battle
16 Ryan mcNish
17 Stay In Faith
18 Carolsue
19 Jennifer
20 Mommy to Evan&Joe
21 Melissa Weixeldorfer
22 Sheneice Sanders
23 La Pecosa Preciosa
24 Yuieidy Rentas
25 Bon Bonita
26 ClotheYourCurves
27 Zhe Yhi
28 Shana
29 Lea Cavanagh
30 Mahalia Gethers
31 Kayleigh Stroud
32 Curvy Doll
33 Lady Loves Her Curves
34 Maxine M

**Extra Entries: I posted for FB followers and the following ladies tagged me on their re-posts. Please let me know ASAP if I’m missing your tag as I wasn’t notified by FB. You have until NOON March 31st to tell me**

35 Melissa Weixeldorfer
36 Bree Hurt (Re-post of purse)
37 Bree Hurt (Re-post of dress)
38 Melissa Weixeldorfer
39 Ericka Haile

Good Luck Ladies!!!
I will pull out a number from a hat tomorrow and record it for the winner.
A 2nd and 3rd runner up will be pulled in the event the 1st and/or 2nd don’t respond with their mailing information by Friday April 4th 2014.

P.S. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make sure you’ve SUBSCRIBED to my blog and/or VERIFIED your email –  if done through my mailing list. I still see a few that have not verified OR Subscribed. 
In the event the WINNER(S) that are pulled DO NOT confirm a subscription to this required step – they will forfeit their entry as incomplete.

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