Fashion Fall Pics 2013 (Part I)

Can you believe that FALL is right around the corner? It’s hard to believe as I sit here fanning myself in  101 Degree weather!

I like to view the trends of fun clothing sites – regardless of size limitations -because:
Accessories, Shoes AND SOME Clothing items (that are over sized) will fit my round body.

In this series of blogs I will be featuring items from sites that are fun and trendy.  Many of the Plus Size Fashions find inspiration from these sites/designers and I know that we will see some of these similar items in our size!  

The website for this first series is:

I’m happy to see polka-dots are transitioning over to the coming season.  There’s also some great looking strappy heavy duty shoes that will keep your style in check and your feet safe from the damp ground and flying leaves.

The sweaters are much more creative, with ombre coloring, twists and turns.  Some designs are over sized and flowy, even some with tassels!  I’m not much of a sweater wearer but I actually looking forward to new ways of wearing them this coming Season.  Hope you do too!

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