Eyebrow You NOT! The SmartBrow Review You MUST Read WITH Full Makeup Tutorial!

I was born with very heavy eyebrows – call it genetics – BUT as I’m hitting 4 decades my eyebrows have been become less full.  Sure, I’ve done pretty well learning the eyebrow filling with liners and powders and it’s brought my pictures to a whole different level.  Yet I still longed for a more natural look that I didn’t have to worry about sweating it off after a Zumba session!

This product came up in my news feeds and was on sale for $30.  I read the reviews on line and decided to give it a try.  Be KIND… this is my FIRST attempt at this and know I’ll get better with each application…

About the product:
“Add instant fullness to your brows in one step with this innovative, tinted filler that lasts all day! SmartBrow leverages a unique combination of polymers that bind color to your existing brows while also filling in gaps, creating a thicker, more defined look” – Per their site info:  SmartBrow Site

The product’s site is VERY informative and has videos and all you need to know to feel confident in the product and your ability to reach those results.  Big KUDOS for this alone!  The formal is made with “microscopic hairlike fibers” that attach to your brow hair and soon you’ll see thicker brows.

The product comes in a “double ended” tube.  One side is a “mascara” brush and the other side is a “liquid eyeliner” brush.  You take the liquid eyeliner end and line the brow where you want the clean edge at and across to where you want to end the brow.  You then take the mascara brush end and start combing your brow in an upward motion in the inner brow and then sideways to “fill in” the areas you need more coverage.

“SmartBrow” has been formulated so that it doesn’t rub off or wash off.  It’s a semi-permanent pigment and will attest to the fact that it did not rub off, there was no residue left on my pillow (YES I wore it over night to see how it holds up.)  It looked even more natural and “softer” the following day!

For this review I decided to use the natural light and found it in my car before work, Ha! In front of a small audience of passers by near the coffee shop that I always stop before heading to work… I worked my “half face” makeup comparison.  Below is pictures are my before, during and after of this product and my daily makeup routine.  It took me a few minutes longer than my normal 10-15 minutes as I had to take the pictures in comparable lighting and angles.

I’m turning 40 years old and have various skin issues/conditions that I’ve battled through out my life.  I have a round/oval face and on top of my thinning brows I have discoloration, grooves, scars and eczema patches.  Finding products/techniques that Heal, Protect and ENHANCE my skin AND look is also a long time battle.  I hope that my blog and this blog and this particular post helps others looking facing the same issues.

You MUST start with a FRESH and CLEAN face.  “SmartBrow” also includes an eyebrow exfoliating tube that I used to prepare them.  My DAILY face cleaning includes my previous post of “Camel Milk Soap” and then sealing my skin with the “Camel Milk Serum.”
View my “Camel Milk In Yo’ Face” blog post

* I have also outgrown my eyebrows for the past month and this is as FULL as they get.

Brows:  “SmartBrow” Black/Brown Tint
Since the directions called for a CLEAN skin/brow I did my brows first instead of the last steps of my regular makeup routine.  I followed the directions provided and recommend to start lightly and work the product in for a deeper color.  It will dry darker, so don’t worry if it looks light when first applied.  The ONLY set back that I experienced is that when I “powdered” my face it did get on my brows and had to reapply more of the “SmartBrow” to take the powder off them.
*To keep this from happening I will be using a makeup sponge instead to make more precise application of my powder and not get it on my brows.

Use a “Primer.” This will help even out your skin and help the makeup flow over your skin in full affect.  I have a favorite and at times use it all on it’s own… I just LOVE it! It’s the “Skinn Orchid Gel Tint Mattefying Day Primer” and I wear the Medium and Deep shades depending on the Season.  A little goes a LONG way and really does make my other products be as effective as they can be.

To provide a higher/deeper cheek bones, chiseled chin and narrowed nose I use my darkest & lightest shades of foundations from Pink Stiletto Cosmetics.

I used the “Naked Pallet BASICS” for shadowing my eyes.  It’s a GREAT pallet that fits perfectly in my purse.  I used the lightest color to highlight my brow bone and chisel my brows some more (W.O.S. is the name.)  Used (Naked 2) color for the rest of my eye and lid.  Did the crease and lid in (Faint.)  Inside corner/duct with (Venus.)  Finally did the outside “smokey” eye with (Crave.)  The key is BLEND BLEND BLEND and just when you thought you’ve done enough blending… BLEND SOME MORE.  Then I go back and pat the (Crave) on the tiniest bit outside the corner of my eye.
Now comes the eyeliner.  This will then allow me to clean up any smudges with the next step.

I clean up the loose eye shadow that falls under my eye with a damp paper towel and let dry.  Then to lessen the puffiness and lines under my eyes I use a caffeine infused “Anti-Dark Circle Roller” from Garnier.  Another one of my FAVES!

Pink Stiletto Cosmetics foundation in my natural skin color.  It’s now time to BLEND.. BLEND… BLEND with the highlighting and under the eyes, nose and forehead.  I also blend out my chin and in to my neck.  Then when you think you’re done blending… guess what?  You BLEND yet again.

I leave my cheeks, lips and eyelashes last.  I recently purchased the “They’re Real” by Benefits Cosmetics and can’t live without it!  Great lashes when I’m not wearing fake lashes.

And there you have it.  My Face half made out for you to see the difference of my brows and the rest of my makeup products.  The “SmartBrow” worked FABULOUSLY and recommend it to anyone that wants to get a fuller brow and a bit more natural than pencils and powders. Give it a try and see for yourself!

And Taddaaaaa!  My Full made-up face!  NOW I can go get my eyebrows threaded and really get my FINISHED look.  Woo Hoo!

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