Dress Code: Casual… What Does That Mean?! (Part 2)

If you’re like me, a FATshionista to the core, this commonly used term “Dress Code: Casual” throws you through a loop!  What does that mean really?

Well, here’s another outfit choice that I have made with this “Casual” code in mind.  I’d hate to show up under-dressed for the occasion, but I also try not to over dress.  Here’s a “safe” choice adding a nice basic jean worn with a short heel.  I dressed up the top a little bit with a flowing design that has a little bit of sequins on the peplum portion.  I opted for a low key look and didn’t wear any bling.

To dress this look up I would add a nice statement belt in a bright color, large bracelet and worn a much higher heel and/or boots.  Don’t forget the BEST accessory of them all… OUR HAIR!  I went natural but would either spend the time to straighten it, curl it or put my hair up in a design.  Add a statement necklace and earrings as well as a more pronounced makeup.

My measurements here are:   47-42-53  and stand at 5’0  at a weight of 240lbs

Blouse Size 18/20 I found “Gently Used” and couldn’t find a similar style: Lane Bryant
Jeans Size 20XS: TRIPP NYC  *I was only able to find a Size 24 on Ebay at this time
Makeup:  Pink Stiletto Cosmetics

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