Russian Plus Size Model: Dilyara Larina AKA Di Larina

  • You may have seen a few of her pictures floating around your news feeds. I know that’s where I first set eyes on her and her projects. I contacted Dilyara Larina and asked if she would be my FIRST International Plus Size Model to feature in my blog. We hit the “Google Translator” through out this process and hope I have authenticated her words as accurately as is possible.

    Dilyara is also known as Di Larina and currently lives in Moscow -born in Ukraine.   Russian is her first and main language and also knows conversational Tatar and English. Her Father was in the military and often relocated. The last city she lived in as a young woman is now known as Volgograd, the home of The Motherland (AKA Mother Russia) statute that stands beautifully and taller than our own Statute of Liberty. It is in Volgograd, at age 19, that she discovered she coudl be paid for her pictures. Her very first photo shoot paid her $100, only 7 years ago and was invited by a female representative of a modeling agency by chance.
    Dilyara has a degree in Psychology earned in Moscow -the capital of Russia and the place of her work and photo shoots. She currently works as a Plus Size Model, TV Host, Actress, Fashion Expert, Plus Size Fashion Blogger and now owns her own Plus size Modeling Agency called “Plus Size Kitchen” ( – which is the FIRST of it’s kind there. In addition she is the author of “The Body of the Non-Standard” due out later this year.
    Have you always been Plus Sized?
    Oh, no! When I started, I was 30 Kilograms (66lbs). I looked very skinny because I was always on a diet and tormented myself in the gym! I eventually came in to balance after that and (stumbled upon) my success. My story is similar to Crystal Renn.
    When did you decide to be a model?
    I came in to the modeling business in 2006 but it went in to full speed a few years ago. I never would have thought that this (Plus Size) trend will be my business, but damn I love my job. Before I committed (to this), I dabbled in everything – I was only a waitress when I came to Moscow, and now I am proud to have started from scratch. This allows you to assess progress and to understand what you really want out of life and strive endlessly (for it.)
    I think the modeling business has become my outlet that has allowed me to reveal all of my talents: the ability to lead, creative thinking, the craving for beauty and to (lead) in the Plus (size direction) – the desire to leave something behind and change the world and specifically the situation in our country.
    What has been the most difficult time/points on your road of modeling?
    The most difficult part was to accept myself! (The) Monstrous stage of self-acceptance in a larger size, but I did it to change people’s perception of full (figured) girls. Now, we (full figured girls) can feel beautiful, stylish and desirable, but (to strive and) also be models.
    I have spent this year (enjoying this) freedom (but) not (without) a price. Now no one has the right to tell me that I had a weight problem and that it must be of a particular size.
    What is your favorite outfit?
    I feel most comfortable and (empowered), with a smile and (in a) bright exotic dresses. I like a bright lipstick, unreal neon shades, complex textures in fabrics, feathers (and) stones. I love (these items paired together for a)photo shoot. (Especially) when it is important to make an emotional and dynamic frame, and it’s harder than one, making it more fascinating.
    Who is/are your favorite designer(s)?
    I am inclined to (the) outrageous! (No one comes to mind at the moment.)
    What is your best experience?
    (It would be) for the magazine FW -we did the conceptual shoot that everyone is different (addressing) fashion stereotypes (on) appearance! The fact that you need to value (yourself) and (your) uniqueness. My friend Danila Polyakov was (one of the ) stylists, one of the world’s models and my friend. I wore luxurious curls and wore a tight grid on the body. I felt luxurious and incredible!

    What is your worst experience?

    In (this) shooting (there) was one photographer who now works in France. A very well known photographer! He wanted to remove the full (sized models) and then invited me to the studio. We turned out great shots, very beautiful and of (high) level. But a few months (passed) and he did not send them to me. I didn’t understand (the delay.) Finally he sent (the photos) and asked that he (did not want to be given credit) for them. He said he was not satisfied with his work and (was not inspired) of shooting large sized (women.)
    I was very surprised and upset, because until now, these photos are (very) popular on the internet (sites) and often painted in the glossy magazines!
    Who are your role models?
    If we talk about the women who inspire me with their beauty, it is Monica Bellucci, Tara Lynn. But most of all I admire the beauty (and the) combination of external and internal, and this no doubt is Angelina Jolie.
    What is your favorite part of modeling?
    I admit, I do not hate the podium and shows. I’m afraid of heights and those structures that are often on (the) runway, scare me! Plus the fear of falling in front of everyone in high heels -this is my personal phobias, but in spite of that I have worked on shows even with my small stature.

  • What is your greatest achievement?
    Now I run Plus Size Model Agency (the first in Russia), I write about fashion for full papers and my new project – Fashion Kitchen (that has a ) photo studio (and a) showroom (where I) rent (high end fashion for) large size women. I am (completing the pictorial) of (my) book : “The body of the Non-Standard” – (which is an) autobiographical story of the fate (of this) provincial girl who wanted to be a model, but was not skinny -about my (path) to a dream and the difficulties of (the) modeling business. The book will include a tutorial on posing positions for girls (aspiring to be) plus size models.

    What is your ultimate dream?
    My most global plan – to become the mother of three children -And as soon as possible! Therefore, in parallel with (my) work this year, I spend more time on (my) personal life, accept the courtship of men and try to understand what kind of person I need (and) the qualities I must have…. But I think that everything will come out spontaneously with the help of the Universe (even though) the chance to connect all (of) my fetishes in (to) on man is very low. The thing is: Love is unpredictable.

    MizLiz: Mwaahahahahaaa!!! A woman that understands WHY I’m still single!

    What would you like to help make a change in the fashion world?
    (I will not say how I plan) to save humanity. It is better to do than talk!

    Is there a recipe from your culture that has healthy attributes?

    As a model, I will give advice for the hair! Strengthening the hair and getting rid of gray hair with:
    Russian Vodka and Pepper!
    You will need:
    A couple of aloe leaves,(which should be crushed)
    1 Red Chili Pepper (medium sized)
    And of course Vodka, no more than 500 ml.
    These ingredients need to mixed and placed in a dark place for 3 weeks. You can wait, of course, for a longer time but the remedy must be applied religiously, otherwise the effect will hardly be noticeable.
    Once the waiting period is suitable, you can safely begin daily routines. Be ready to rub the mixture into the hair roots DAILY for 2-3 months. It is impossible to achieve anything standing in one night. After the 2-3 months you can apply less frequently, about 3 or 4 times a week.
    *However, quite often aloe can be replaced with garlic cloves

    You will have stronger hair and see less grey hair with regular use.

    Thank you for taking the numerous hours to translate my questions and your thoughts for me to share with my readers. I know many will find strength from your words along with your gorgeous pictures. Your experience and projects shows the amazing Human Being you are and continue to be!
    I look forward to sharing any future projects and the details to your autobiographical book “The Body of the Non-Standard.”
    Stay BEAUTIFUL inside and out!

    If you have any questions you’d like to have answered by Di Larina please leave them in the comments as she is GREAT in responding to them.

    Don’t forget to join her sites and use the “Google Translator” to read them in your language:


  1. April 12, 2014 / 4:38 am

    Wow she's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this interview she seems really down to earth. I think I'd be too tempted to drink the vodka though instead of using it as a hair product! lol

  2. April 12, 2014 / 3:22 pm

    Mwahahahaa! I haven't tried the vodka hair and I don't drink so have been meaning to buy one to give it a try.
    Thanks for reminding me =)

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