Dear Teen Me: You Are Gorgeous and Should Not Feel This Way (Acceptance)

How I wish someone in my life would have said that to me as a teen!  Just maybe I would be eons ahead in my journey of self love and acceptance.

I have been Plus Size since a baby.  I had chubby cheeks, legs and arms – that never changed.  As young as 4 years old I remember my parents and family telling me I was fat and would be pretty if I wasn’t.  When I saw my biological Mother at the age you see in this picture – 15 – she opened the door to her home and the first words to me were “Wow you’re fat!”  Talk about being hit by a brick wall when I was so excited and looking forward to see her.  Needless to say my self-esteem took a huge hit that took almost 20 years to overcome.
I came across this picture and and see beauty.  This is how I looked as a teen and felt so alone and unwanted.  What a lonely life I led even when surrounded by great friends I still felt like an outsider.  Being the fat girl was even worse in my mind.  Back in the 80’s there wasn’t many stores that carried my size.  Style was a DREAM!  Which didn’t help when looking like the hottest t.v. show at the time was all the rave: You do remember “90210?”  Gosh there was NO WHERE I could find their clothing style OR look for myself.  I didn’t even have “Ugly Betty” to feel some kind of connection with the fashion world.  OYE!

Life continued and it took me 2 decades to shake off the negativity in my life.  It was all on a leap of faith and pure drive that I WILL SEE BEAUTY IN ME!  The voices in my head slowly quieted – did they ever go away?  Not really.  At the back of my mind I hear them scream at me once in a while and that’s when I put on my prettiest dress and highest heels and force myself to look in the mirror with the decision to SEE BEAUTY and SEE ME with that youthful smile and dark hair… with the shining eyes and round Latina nose… and yes I SEE BEAUTY… I SEE ME.

May each day bring more acceptance and may more teens hear: “You are GORGEOUS!”
May each day bring more Media that will show a more diverse representation of EVERYONE:

Short, Tall, Skinny, Fat, Brown, Black, White, Green!  


  1. May 18, 2014 / 4:06 am

    This is beautiful (and so are you)! Learning to love ourselves can be a lifelong process, but your journey shows that it is possible. It can take a lot of effort to feel beautiful everyday when we are surrounded with a lot of messages that tell us otherwise. Kudos to you for sharing your journey!


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