Cultura Canvas: Art, Wine and Generations of Culture!


(From Left) Me, Dalila Paola Mendez (Co-Founder) and My Momz Juanita

Cultura Canvas is a gem hidden in the industrial area or Boyle Heights right next to the historic Los Angeles river, born in to action only last month in September.  Giving the “paint instruction and wine nights” a strong infusion of culture, history and education to the art theme of the night.  The event was filled with welcomed smiles and a beautiful environment that cultivates creativity and sharing of life stories as we experienced first hand painting our calaveras (sugar skulls) on canvas.

Our ticket fee included all the supplies, paint and canvas to bring the theme to life.  The calavera was thankfully already traced by pencil ready for us to add the acrylic paint to.  There was cheese, crackers, fruit and as a BYOB there was more than enough for each of us to help get our creative juices going.  Dailila guided us through the brush information and which to use for the application and praised each of our creations.  She gave suggestions when anyone was stump of what to do next and helped us keep our brushes smoothly painting.

While painting we learned in more detail the history of this cultural tradition that originates from Mexico with Momz adding more tidbits along the way.  I believe I get my story telling from her, ha!  There was no awkwardness – well maybe a little bit when she threw in a few personal stories about me – nevertheless we were all laughing and making new friends as we tried to swipe colors and art techniques from each other.  Don’t think we weren’t completely submerged in our work of art!  Do you see how focused we were?


After a couple of hours just about each one of us were done with our master piece.  It was great to see each person’s creativity no matter the art skill level we each were in.  This was our first canvas painting ever for my Momz and I.  I took an art class in High School but that was decades ago.  Momz never painted anything in her life!  It was great to see how imaginative she was with her piece.  From the tunas (pickled pears), nopales (cactus) and the worm and piojo (lice) she decided to put in.

(Left) My Calavera (Right) Momz Calavera

I asked her why she chose these last two components and she answered, in Spanish of course:
“Por que estan muertos y se los estan comiendo los gusanos y piojos.”
(Because they’re dead and the worms and lice are eating them.)

She also added a Mohawk and ears, just in case you needed further explanation.  Now you know where I get my weirdness from too!  For my own piece I was in a pastel ocean mood inspired by the acrylic paint itself.

What I learned:

  • That it’s easier for me to paint on canvas than on paper
  • Momz is a little more weirder than I thought, which makes her more awesome!
  • We both enjoy painting and need to do it more often
  • A little wine really helps get our creative juices going
  • I need to do this more often!

Most of all I learned that art connects us through the generations and cultures.  Seeing a mix of all peoples enjoying and learning really filled a piece of my heart that I didn’t know needed filling.

Cultura Canvas” is on its beginning stages and their website is not up at the moment but you can follow their Instagram account to support and be notified of their next event.  Their account is:  @CulturaCanvas

Here’s the beautiful pieces my art-mates created.  Aren’t they beautiful?culturacanvas-bbwgeneration-com-class-1






culturacanvas-bbwgeneration-com-class-2They are talking about a 2nd night of the calaveras later this month TBD nd have a Loteria (Mexican Bingo) card painting on a 16×20 canvas for November 26th – I plan to be there for!

Leave a comment and I will update this post with future event dates and their website information once it is up and running.

What do you think?  Have you painted on canvas or gone to an “Paint and Wine” event?  Do tell!

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