Cross Dressing Gems! Open Up a WHOLE New World of FATshion!

I’m always on the look out for items/products that naturally enhance the human body.  I find inspiration from many groups, blogs and posts.  I’m currently preparing for the cooler weather and while scrolling through my group posts I fell in love with a black peplum jacket.  It will be PERFECT to wear over my sleeveless dresses that I have collected during this warmer weather.

Here is a great gem of FATshion sources.  This specific jacket design can be customized for a longer and wider torso.  Even though I don’t have a long torso I do have a wider than normal petite torso and large arms.  I find the cuts in the Plus Size pieces are a big giving on the bosom and more tailored on the waist and tight around my beefy biceps.  For these pieces I add a few stitches for a better fit or let out what I can from the bicep area.

When I placed my order for this jacket it is customized to my height and weight.  The size chart starts at 140lbs-270lbs and for heights of 5’5-6’3.  In my order I took the shortest height available of 5’5 as I am 5’0 and their 2XL size.  I will follow up with a review of the jacket once I receive it.

Femenine Peplum Jacket at

During my search I came across a couple of GREAT items to add “cleavage” and “lift” for those special fashion pieces:

NuBra Lite’s I have personal used for open back dresses.  The key is to spend the money for the “name brand.”  Also, you need to prepare your skin or the adhesive will not work. 
Note:  The “Cup” sizing is based on your under bust measurement not the sizing of the actual “cup.”
Pricing:  $34
“Instant Lift Bra” lies right under your bra and has a wider band all around the torso and over the shoulder that gives the “lift” to create a cleavage.  I actually found this on Ebay and placed my order.  I can’t wait to try it out and give you all an update on my findings!
Price:  $11

All in all, I can’t wait to receive my orders and see how it all works out! I’m excited to know that there’s another shop that offers custom sizing at No Additional Charge.  I will be looking for more cross dressing clothing sites and see what other finds I come across to share with you all.

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