CRICKET Wireless May Save A Life!

From Left: Danny, Me, Edgar
Since my hysterectomy in July I have been without a cell phone.  Being on temporary disability for almost two months and then the large medical bills kept me saving every penny!

This Holiday my children requested one gift and it was to have a cell phone.  I worried about the expense of purchasing all new phones plus the coverage for a full family service.  After researching the services out there and comparing the fees I decided to try out “Cricket Wireles.”

We headed over to the location after work – 795 Long Beach Blvd., L.B. I met Edgar and he explained the phones available and the family plan for $100!  

I picked up 5 phones!  One for each of  the children, one for myself, one for Momz and one for my Uncle.  There was a rebate program going on that week for the 3 units.  Edgar and Danny helped to fill out the rebate form while we waited to have all of them activated.

The kiddos loved their present and I headed over to my Uncle’s house to give him his.  He was so happy he had tears in his eyes.  Sadly he’s been having health issues and being on limited income – as many Seniors are – He wasn’t able to afford a phone (cell or land line.)  I worried about him and could only know if he was doing fine if I physically went across town to check on him.  He’s on dialysis and finding him at home was difficult.

I set up his cell in Spanish and it has voice recognition.  He recently had eye surgery and this feature is a life saver.  I programmed our numbers, his doctors and 911 for any emergency.  He worried on how many minutes were included so he doesn’t go over them.  I reassured him that they’re UNLIMITED!  Then he worried I was spending too much money on the service and again assured him it came out to $20 for peace of mind.  I made him promise to call us every day and let us know how he’s doing.

So now I won’t be worried he can’t call for help.  I’ll be able to know where my Momz is at during her visits to local community members that are facing health issues.  My commute with the children in the dark mornings and evenings won’t be so dangerous as I worried being stranded on that 710 freeway that has very few road phones.  I worried I was going to be in the wrong lane unable to get to a call box!

In this big city, as a single Mother and an active member of the community that tries to keep tabs on those needing help – A cell phone is truly a life line to many.  I’m glad I was able to provide that to my children, Momz and Uncle.

The service has been great and can’t tell you how impressed I am by the service we received at the Long Beach location.  While there a homeless man came in to charge his cell phone which this locations offers.  How AMAZING is that?!  I’m so glad there are people and organizations that offer such a small thing as electricity to those in need.  My own office has an outlet outside our building that I see people charge their phones and/or electric chairs.  it’s such a small gesture yet it means the world to these people.

I had to share this with you all as we need a reminder of the good that goes on this world that runs 100mps!  Some times we just need to slow it down, give the service people extra time to provide the customer service you want.

When you visit your local Cricket location give yourself time.  It takes more than a few minutes to activate accounts and they’re normally quite busy.  Most especially if they’re activating 5 phones as they did with me.  The location I went to has a children’s table to keep them busy and an extra chair or two for you during your wait.  There were also working phones for you to try out, which my children found games to play to pass the time – trust me, it helped a LOT!

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*This is a personal review.  I am not paid or compensated for this review.  I like to spotlight businesses and individuals that go above and beyond.

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