Coconut Oil Pulling… My FIRST Time! (Health)

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TODAY is my FIRST time of trying out “Oil Pulling!”  My order of the organic coconut oil concentrate came in yesterday and just finished my first try.  I decided to try this procedure after reading about the health benefits derived when doing this.  I already have seen a huge difference in my oral care from gargling and swooshing Hydrogenated Water and brushing with baking soda… and my interest was peeked and decided to add the oil pulling step.

Let me START by disclosing that I have an aversion to the taste and smell of coconut.  I was dreading this more than a tad bit.  My friends encouraged me to try it and SWORE it didn’t taste too much like coconut. Well… it did have a “faint” taste of coconut – per my overly special taste buds – but it wasn’t bad at all.  The concentrate I used is a bit heavy and textured very much what I would imagine what a body butter cream would feel if it was edible… Ha!  It quickly melted and I swooshed it vigorously for as long as I could handle it… 15 minutes- the suggested goal is 25.

1st Try Results:
I smelled like coconut
My mouth had a faint taste of coconut
My tongue and mouth was softer and all around “smooth”
After a week with the flu and cough – My lips didn’t hurt as much and were softer where the oil touched it
My breath was pleasant

Other than feeling like burping coconuts and wanting to gargle lemon to get the full coconut taste out of my mouth – says the coconut hater herself – it was a good 1st try.  I’m going to keep at this and post my progress periodically in the coming months.

What am I expecting from this personally?
Longer lasting fresh breath
Relief of my skin condition on my face, neck and other areas of my body
Asthma occurrences to lessen
Overall health improvement from “detoxing” my body

There are lots of other benefits claimed by doing this process such as, brighter teeth, weight loss and such… I will keep an eye on that too.

Here is the full link on the article with full details:

I purchased my organic coconut concentrate from the following link:
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So are you going to try it????  Let me know!


  1. December 11, 2013 / 4:00 pm

    Love the post, thank you for sharing the information you shared I find it to be very helpful especially the part you mentioned Asthma

    • December 13, 2013 / 4:04 am

      Thank you Brazy! I'm hoping for great results.

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