Classy Dress? Why YES! – Jessica Howard “Chevron Belted Dress” thru GwynnieBee

This dress is FUN and Classy!  I wore it to work and fit perfectly in a Corporate Environment.  Can be used with a cardigan or blazer.

The size on me is the 18W and it was a little big on my torso.  I may try a size smaller in hopes of a perfect fit on my petite body.

This pretty dress was a comment catcher and a double taker.  Had people say I looked like I stepped out of the set of “Mad Men” since I finished my look with a retro pinned up hair style.  I wore my COMFY Suede Kitten Heels in Hot Pink… AND… the dress came from my GwynnieBee subscription that included the belt!
What is GwynnieBee you ask?  It is the ANSWER from the skies above to a FATshionista such as myself!!  

Most of us know how “Netflix” works.  You pay for a subscription each month and receive the DVD from the list of choices you have on your profile list.  The DVD(s) arrive and once you’re done you ship it back in their pre-paid packaging and wait for the next DVD(s) to arrive.

Well,  GwynnieBee is pretty much the same concept.  You choose the subscription based on your budget and needs.  They have a large array of clothing to choose from and include reviews from prior members – which help in choosing the best fit/size for yourself.  You add the items to your “virtual closet” and before you know it there’s a box at your door!  Inside the box are the pieces you have placed in your “virtual closet” that are beautifully folded and packaged.

The anticipation was the worst part of it all!  Not knowing which of the items I had chosen were being shipped to me was a good and bad feeling all rolled in to one.  Yes, I’m such a BIG FATshionista!!
When I received the package I couldn’t open it fast enough… my coworkers can attest to that fact.

The items inside put a smile on my face and was floating on air for the rest of the day.  It was no surprise that I wore this beautiful chevron dress as my first GwynnieBee treat.  I dragged my Son up to the top of the city where I work and had a fun photo shoot before work.

Now I can try new designers without the commitment and find the perfect sizing.  As a petite plus size gal, this is one very difficult task.  Now I don’t need to spend hours in a changing room OR blindly placing orders on line then shipping them back to exchange for items of smaller/bigger sizes.

Does this new concept and company sound fun???  Are you a FATshionista like myself and want an endless wardrobe?  How about I tell you that you can try it out for FREE?????
Click on the following link and try your first 30 Days for FREE.  There’s nothing to loose with this deal:

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