City Chic Veiled Fun (Outfit Of The Day)

City Chic Dress With A Dose Of Imagination

I came across this dress over a year ago and never had an event to wear it.  It hung in my closet for so long that when I saw these pretty bunny ears with veil I just knew what dress to wear for this look.

This is my hidden garden at home.  We are fortunate to live here for 37 years and have grown so many fruit trees once of which is our “Granada” (pomegranate) tree.  It’s not yet at full bloom but looked so pretty handing over this tiny path way.  It’s redish/black colors inspired me to do an omber lip in blood red and black .  I used my matte pinup red lipstick and then used my shadow brush to brush my black eye shadow around the outer edges of my lips.

The kiddos loved the bunny ears and veil and enjoyed this shoot even though we had ants and bugs crawling all over us HA!
This dress is no longer available but there is such a great selection of dresses in a variety of styles and quite a few are on SALE:   <<<< CLICK FOR LINK HERE>>>>
The bunny ears I found on Ebay at:  <<CLICK HERE FOR LINK>>

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