Camel Milk On Yo’ Face! Best Thing EVER!

Here I am, about to turn 39 and fighting every step of the way!

Since a child I have had a skin condition that doctors have only guessed and tried to relieve from harsh chemicals, diets and everything else under the sun.  I believe I’ve tried every skin brand out there and these past couple of years have found some great combinations of natural products.

The makeup I now wear is specific to my skin needs and conditions.  My skin has glowed and replenished like ever before and reasons why I have wrote such great reviews in my prior posts.

Now, as for finding the skin regimen for use before and after makeup has been tricky.  I have found natural products such as the banana facial and the coffee facial that did wonders but they are only for weekly use.  As for the daily cleansing and replenishing?  I was still on a hunt for products that wouldn’t make my skin irritate, break out or in worst cases make my skin split and bleed as I normally experience.

So, when I say I am on the HUNT for natural items to bring relief – I am on it!  May I add that my Daughter sadly inherited my skin issues.  Now it’s more than just personal.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a segment of t.v. that had me reviewing reports on line.  That same week I placed an order and here I am ready to give you the amazing results I have experienced with CAMEL MILK!  YES, milk from camels… FRESH… from a California dairy not too far from me.

I have been using the products on the daily for a week.  This week in particular I have been fighting a lung infection and my nose was raw and cracked from all the nose blowing.  The very FIRST TIME I used this product my skin felt like a blanket of relief cream had been set on my skin.  The soap quickly turned creamy white as I gently massaged through my face and nose.  I washed it away and my skin felt clean and soft.  After patting it dry I applied the serum and I instantly felt my skin tighten up and after a few uses the bags and lines under my eyes lessened.

I can’t wait to see the long term use results!

Below is the website on purchasing these items.  Follow their storage instructions for best results and they are quite INEXPENSIVE so give it a try and find out for yourself.

Go get some CAMEL MILK ON YO’ FACE! Don’t forget to tell me about it!

Camel Milk Serum Benefits

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