Bikini Confidence: Baby Steps!

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Our bodies are GAWWGGEEEOOOUUSSS just the way they are.  Sure, there are improvements I would like to make but I choose not to let these “improvements” become hurdles to my confidence.  Finding the confidence to wear a swimsuit/bikini may not come easy and I had my own battle of overcoming this fear, and you can too!

Take baby steps:

Slowly graduate from where you’re at.  It can be wearing that t-shirt and shorts to wearing a tank top instead of a t-shirt.  You can take the next step to wearing a swimsuit with those short to finally wearing your swimsuit all on it’s own.  Baby steps are HUGE when we overcome our fear… so don’t down play them.

Yes, my heart raced and felt like everyone’s eyes were on me.  I wore my sunglasses and/or big floppy hat to help feel a little better.  Go alone or in a group whichever helps gain strength.  Soon you’ll be having so much fun once you release yourself from that fear and being self-conscience.   If you don’t, that is okay too!  Give it the “I gave it my BEST try at it and it’s just not for me.”  I know I always feel accomplished when I try and find out I don’t feel empowered by this test.

I personally find it most comfortable wearing a two piece now.  They’re easy to get in and out of and get a better fit. Buying them separately ensures that my bottom heavy round self gets the full coverage I most feel comfortable with.  Normally when I do this in a one piece I have a hard time filling the cups.  I also don’t like tank lines and tuck the bikini straps in to my cups to achieve an even tan so it’s a win for me.

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What is your Go-To swimwear and why?  Have I inspired you to try a bikini/fatkini? Leave me a comment!
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