Big Boy Vintage – For the PLUS SIZE MEN In Our Lives

Big Boy Vintage

Every Holiday Season and on those special occasions we wrack our brains to think of what to get that special Plus Size Men in our lives.  Sure we’ve seen a huge surge in the Plus Size Fashions for Women BUT Finding clothing that is Fashionable AND Plus Size is much more CHALLENGING for Men!  Let me tell you, I have searched.   
Fear no more!  Big Boy Vintage is here to help.  They carry designs that are casual to retro and they are so much fun that if I had a guy to shop for their closets would be filled with Big Boy Vintage.

Big Boy Vintage caters to males with waist sizes of 38″ (Large) and up.  Their designs include T-Shirts, fun sweaters, plaid and bowling shirts to hats and shorts.  There’s something for every life style and budget.  

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that some I may even buy for myself!  

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