BBWGeneration 2014 RECAP.. FATkinis Galore!

2014 is the year of my truy embracing my FATkinis. I pushed my boundaries in fashion and it is one of the most EMPOWERING moments of my LIFE!

I’m still doing cartwheels from having benign cancer tests and FINALLY feeling stronger and healthier.

THANK YOU.. GRACIAS… for being my strength and drive.  I got shared my journey and kept putting that foot in front of the other BECAUSE of YOU!

May 2015 EXPLODE with NEW adventures and DISCOVERIES.  You’re my BFF’s… TALK TO ME and TELL ME what you want to see.  YOU are MY Muses and hope you KNOW and FEEL that.

Wishing you ALL a HAPPIER and PROSPEROUS New Year.

P.S.  WE are ALL BEAUTIFUL/GORGEOUS Humans.  DON’T EVER feel anything less than THIS truth.

Tight Hugz!
MizLiz & The Kiddos!



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