Attending the :Nordstrom Encore Fall Fashion Presentation”

Yesterday I headed out to support a GREAT blogger that I’ve been following for years.  Can I say I was ecstatic to finally meet her in person??!  This was the first event of this kind I have attended.  It was held at the South Coast Plaza store in Orange County and was a nice intimate event.

There were about 75 people in attendance and we all had fun at the photo booth set up for the event.  It was a laid back event with a few Fashionistas like myself present.  I am glad to see more colorful and edgy clothes offered in the store reaching up to the size 24.  I am in HOPES they will extend the sizing to 30+ to really reach out to a bigger group of buyers and many of my followers.  I know… one step at a time.

I was excited to see the trendy items mixed with the timeless items.  Most especially when the models were asked to take off or put on belts and scarves to change the look.  The play with design and colors was also GREAT for those of us always looking for new ways to combine our pieces.
After seeing the designs I couldn’t wait to see how they would fit my Petite frame.  Some items worked others will need tailoring to look correctly.  I LONG for round petite ladies to be modeling these lines too, so that I can be more adventurous on my purchases. *Hint* Hint*

I left feeling inspired and happy to have attended, to have met like minded women of ALL shapes, sizes and ages… as well as the feeling that “we” are moving in the right direction.

A special THANK YOU to Marie Dennee from “The Curvy Fashionista” and to the staff at Nordstrom for making me, along with my guests, feel welcome and SPECIAL!  I can’t wait to see what other events are planned by “The Curvy Fashionista” and “Plus Model Magazine” that co-hosted this event.

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