Animal Print: Taking It From Retro To WORK! (Outfit Of The Day)

Raaawwwrrrr!!! Mwahahahaaa!  I just feel extra playful when I wear animal print.  Its full of energy and fun that I would wear just about every day if I could get away with it.

When SWAK first introduced this dress I fell in love instantly but for one reason or another I never came around to purchasing it.  During my first months with my Gwynnie Bee subscription I eagerly added it to my cyber closet and when it finally arrived the size I chose was too big for me and didn’t purchase it.  I recently saw this item on Gwynnie Bee’s on line shop and I grabbed the only size that was left – 2X.  The 1X is what I needed BUT the design on the shoulders is adjustable and tied it as tight as the design would allow AND it worked!

Now the dilemma of wearing it to work.  My biggest rule is “You CAN’T buy it if you CAN’T wear it to work.”  I said “I shall MAKE IT WORK!”  I dug in my closet and found this red short jacket with a matching red belt.  This made it meet the work guidelines for a fun dressy casual work day.  I’m lucky that I work in the Arts and can pull this look as a “normal” work day with minimal notice.

For a night out in the sun this dress is stupendous when paired up with a long RED petticoat.  I kept my accessories minimal but can definitely see myself going all out with more detailed accessories.  This look was modest and beyond fun… and if I added my latest animal print stilettos to it the look would turn DANGEROUS in a snap!  So glad to have this dress permanently in my closet…

Measurements:   49 – 44 – 55                Height:   5’0

I’m wearing the 2X but a 1X would have been a perfect fit for me.  Sadly this dress has been retired from SWAK.
Gwynnie Bee not only offers a subscription to have an endless closet but they also have a shop offered to their subscribers where I have found KILLER deals on items they have retired from their subscription offerings.  Do you have a Gwynnie Bee subscription?  You DON’T?  Well lets fix that right up… Use the following code for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL *Please let me know that you are joining… and tell them MizLiz from BBWGeneration sent ya’!  >>>>>>

Which look do you like best???  The red jacket – for office…. OR … the No jacket – for fun??

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  1. March 17, 2014 / 10:52 am

    i must say you look adorable in this outfit! love the petticoat, and the shoes are super cute too. as far as which look i like best, the jacket or no jacket… its hard to pick without an photo of you standing up in the jacket. sitting on the fence (?) makes the jacket look too small, but that's hard to tell when sitting. so far i like the no jacket look the best. btw, sitting on that concrete fence thingy looks dangerous. stay off that thing and stay safe! btw, i've fully signed up with google but for some reason they won't put my name up and always post me as 'unknown'. very frustrating… my name is kym still and you can 'friend' me on facebook if you like. love your blog! all the best, kym

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