Angelina Jolie: Cancer Preventive Surgery (Awareness)

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I’m standing up and cheering for Angelina Jolie!  

When my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few short years ago I was by her side every step of the way – I’m her only child and we have very little family to help.  My own life stopped as everything revolved around making sure I did everything I could to help her get through this.
Thankfully, she survived!  Each doctors visit we hold our breath worrying that this disease would rear it’s ugly head once more.  It’s a dark cloud that hangs over us as I too have faced various forms of cancer – one was caught early enough that an outpatient procedure was all that was needed.  Yet, I still hold my breath each time I am checked each year.
This past year was a long journey of cancer tests that failed and resulted in a partial hysterectomy to address the many issues I was suffering from for years prior.  All signs that each day I was getting closer to a test with the results I most feared.  In addition to this I my breast exam didn’t fair well…
I had made a decision during my Mother’s breast cancer battle that I would take any measures to increase my chances in living if I were to be diagnosed or if my Doctors recommended to do so.  I would remove both breasts in a heart beat if that is what it took.  
When my Doctors discovered all the issues with my uterus he was a bit shocked I readily piped up and said:

“Let’s remove it!  How soon can you get that approved by my insurance and schedule?!”

I have two kiddos I plan to see grow up.  I’m ALL they have and I have my gloves ready for the fight in order to meet this goal.  
Sharing my journey here and in my social media accounts brought scrutiny for my decision.  

“Why are you doing that?  You don’t even have cancer.”  to “You just want attention.  That’s not right.”
Yes, quite interesting at the very least.  Yet I continued to share each step… each worry… the good and the bad… and you know what happened?
Other than finally starting to live life without feeling like life was slowly slipping away from the health issues caused by said uterus… There were hundreds of women that were going through the same that were afraid to speak up.  They read my little blog posts, seen the passages in my social media accounts and reached out.  We were not alone!
It is a difficult decision and not one to take lightly.  As a single Mother working at a non-profit that thankfully has health benefits it still is a devastating financial hit that 7 months later has not been long enough to recover.  The medical bills are still piling up but you know what?  I have a true clean slate on LIFE.  I will chisel down those bills even if it takes 5 years to do so… it’s ALL worth seeing my children grow and hearing their laughter as their Mama finally can go do all the things we used to do before becoming ill.  I’m not at full speed but am closer to that every day. 
Thank you Angelina for bringing this awareness to light.  May it reach  the MILLIONS of women afraid to think on such decisions yet find strength in knowing there is a proactive stand they have an option to take.  Hopefully your words will reach the Health Care decision makers to streamline these surgeries so that it doesn’t take 3 years to gain approval – as it did in my case.  Oh, and maybe offer full coverage of such surgeries so that it isn’t devastating to the family’s finances.  
Are you going through these cancer decisions or scares?  What words of encouragement would you give others facing the same?
I am here if you need me!  I built this page and all my social media accounts as a home for YOU to be empowered and welcomed.  I hope you found that here today.
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Tight hugz and strength,

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