Agave Oil Hair Treatment (Pre-Lim Review)

I receive samples all the time and stuff them in my purse and forget… ha! I remembered this one BUT has NO instructions on it!!! I turned to google and found a video on “Sephora’s” youtube channel and
followed the directions.

I just washed my hair with my regular shampoo and skipped my hair conditioner.  Towel dried my hair and applied the whole package in sections to my hair.  I used my brush and did a short dryer time to heat up the oil, open the hair cuticle and help the oil to penetrate my hair.

I did the blow drying for about 10 minutes taking small sections at a time.  I couldn’t find my flat iron I think my Daughter misplaced it and she’s not home to ask.

So I decided to wrap my hair in two sections to help my hair memorize a soft curl/wave.

This product smells DIVINE.  It doesn’t weigh down my hair nor does it feel OR look oily as I have experienced with other hair oil treatments.

My hair isn’t spidery and running every which way as it would after applying a blow dryer.  It’s sitting in to place and is loving this product!

I totally recommend this product and can’t wait to get a full size bottle and try it with my flat iron.  I’m also planning on trying the full line and experience that result.

I’m hoping that with a prolonged use my hair won’t be so dry and dead as it normally is during dry weather.  My scalp will be less dry and healthier and hope this will lessen my hair loss that I’ve experiencing with my recent medication while I went through my cancer tests then hysterectomy.

I will do a full review in the future and keep you posted on the prolonged results.  *I PROMISE.

Have you used this product?  What have been your results?

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