Adipositivy… Those BEAUTIFUL “Large People” Pictures you’ve seen

I’ve been following this project for years.  The pictures of big people in many forms artistically posed for a picture of a BILLION words!

I found out today that their site is down and need $300 to get it up and running again.  So here I am… asking for YOUR HELP to raise the $300 needed to bring this BEAUTY back to the world.

There is a “Donation” button at the bottom of the tumbler page… CLICK IT and CONTRIBUTE.  Even if it’s $1 or $100.

The link is
The description for this project states the following:

“The Adipositivy Project is a fat photoactivism website with a focus on broadening narrow beauty ideals and encouraging body acceptance and love.”

When I view the pictures from this project these words ring TRUE!

Please share the following flyer and lets get the $300 together as fast as we can.

Much Love,

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