A Petite In A Maxi? Why YES! SWAK Designs (Outfit Of The Day)

 Petites CAN Wear Maxies

I rarely wear maxies as a Petite it is difficult to find a cut that is short enough for us to wear.  The reality is that I do spend time hemming my own dresses or having them worked on by a tailor.  At times it costs more to alter it than the cost of the garment!
So here’s what I do:  I wear very high heels or wedges to help give me the extra inches I need to pull off the look.  For when I need to wear my sandals or flats I just tie a knot on the side and Presto, Change-O… it works!
This pretty single shoulder maxi is from SWAK Designs.  A Facebook friend of mine sold it to me last year and it is a favorite.  I feel like a Goddess gliding over the city pavement.  I’ve stayed away from Maxi’s until recently, as it was a “fashion no-no” for petites, but I think I’ve proven this “rule” wrong.

Maxis are too comfy and very beautiful on most all bodies – Tall, Short, Thin or Round.  Find a design/print you LOVE and try it out.  Forget the rules and all that matters is how YOU feel in it!  Sadly this design is no longer available but the following is a list of beautiful designs currently carried by SWAK:

SWAK Designs Maxi Dress List:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Hair: I can’t commit to a drastic hair style BUT I really have been in love with Omber hair.  Since I don’t like to die my hair I found these extensions that game me the look I was going for.  I was transformed by a few clips and a messy braid.  Don’t be afraid to try new looks without commitment and extensions are quite affordable and not difficult to maintain.
Omber Hair Extension (On Sale 19.99):  Uniwig Sale
Accesories:  I found the necklace, ring and leather cuff as a 2nd hand sale through a Facebook group.  They worked perfectly  for my Summer Goddess look.  Finding gently used unique pieces are one of my favorite things.  
Have you tried this look?  What would you name it?

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