$60 Grocery Budget for 10 Days… MamaOnABudget!

I cooked up a STORM!  Wooohh!!!!
I picked up the babies from their weekend visit with their Father and after my 2 hour drive to do so, we headed to our local “Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market(TM).”  Now that my Overtime has been COMPLETELY CUT finances are DIRE to say the least!  For whatever reason child support payments have not been sent to us by the DA’s office.  Soooo.. with a budget of $60 I had to figure out items that will last us for the 10 days until my next pay check.
In the “pantry” I have 1/2 a sack of pinto beans 1/3 sack of white rice, lots of veggies, tomato cans and some pasta.  We WON’T go hungry that’s for sure!

First we hit the ‘discount’ section of foods that are at their expiration date.  I found two packs of boneless chicken thighs for $4 each for 2lbs… 18ct Eggs were TWO for $4, Green Salad was Two for $4… 180ct Corn Tortillas were $3…  Flour Toritillas 24ct $4.70…Kids were drooling at the ice cream section and bought them the tub of vanilla flavor for $5… I would of purchased some oreos to vamp up the ice cream but there was no sale on them and at almost $5 for a pack I PASSED!

We ran out of laundry detergent so it was a must have.  I purchased their store brand that was $5 as opposed to $9 for the brand name.
In my fight to keep myself from falling back in to the holds of Anemia, I drink my protein drinks for breakfast and/or lunch when work has me too buy and stressed to eat. I’m at my last serving so needed to add that to my purchase.  After much research the Whey Protein drink at this store is comparable to that of the High End Nutrition Brand.  The “B+” Grade Rating was the SAME as the brand I was recommended and this one is $12 LESS.  It’s a good DEAL at $20 for 2lb tub if I do say so myself.

My bill rang up to $63.55… BUT with the $3.00 store mailer coupon I only went 55cents over budget with a final total of $60.55.  Wooo Hooooo!!!  Bwaahaahaaa!

I used ALL the change that was weighing my purse down since it’s a self check out stand and warned anyone trying to make a line behind me I was paying with change.  No one gave me the evil eye.  Sorry, I HATE rolling my change to take to the bank or using those horrid machines that CHARGE YOU for counting it.  All in all this will last us comfortably for the 10 days.

As soon as I got home I got to cooking.  I made my lemon herb chicken from the one pack I just purchased and put on a pot of steamed rice. I also refried 2 days worth of beans because the babies were hungry NOW and couldn’t wait for the chicken to be done.  I portioned the chicken and rice in to two of my small bowls to take for lunch this week.  I left the larger portion to reheat for dinner tomorrow.  I will be keeping one bag of salad at work and another for home as I eat it at least once a day.  I froze the other 2lbs of chicken for another day and use… I have some chiles I can use to make chicken and bean enchiladas.

For the rest of the week I plan to make spaghetti, with salad… another day of bean burritos… I have a pack of ham I have frozen for such days and will make egg and ham burritos… I’m about to whip up many servings of some “Arroz con Leche” (Mexican Tapioca Pudding) for dessert as the milk will soon be past it’s expiration date and will not allow it to go to waste.

I have filled our empty drinking water bottles with “Tang” since I wasn’t able to purchase any orange juice or fruit this time around.  Tomorrow I will go to the “Mexican Market” across the street from work and see if they have any sales on their fruit.

Pantry Must Haves:
Pancakes!  When we were TRULY POOR pancakes quieted our tummies.
Oatmeal, soups, pastas, canned meats such as chicken, tuna, beef etc…
Cereal and Tang – because you can freeze a batch of tang and it will always put a smile on your children’s face

Where there’s a will there’s a way.  Saving your penny’s for a rainy day is ALWAYS a MUST for us single Mom’s.  Keeping your pantry stocked with non-perishable food and water is also a great way to prepare for emergencies.  Buying the 25lb sacks of pinto beans and rice are GREAT deals.  I purchased mine from Cosco for approximately $12 for the beans and $18 for the rice.  I did so MONTHS ago and have been filling storage bags to give to the families I help feed in the community.

My MAMA always told me: “Donde comen Dos siempre comen TRES!”
Translates to: “Where Two eat Three will always eat!”

No matter how difficult our own lives are we need to help each other because there are those in much more dire need than us.  So keep those shoulders squared and heads held high… “Un Dia A La Vez” – “One Day At A Time” and there are always better days!

Stay BBW Positive and keep them smiles bright!  My babies are worth it…

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  1. July 23, 2012 / 6:37 am

    God bless you, Liz. You are one who truly practices what she preaches. As I have said before, you are an angel here on Earth. Your post brought tears to my eyes… <3

  2. July 23, 2012 / 6:45 am

    Awww.. don't cry Nay =) Life is good because WE are STILL HERE TO LIVE IT! One day at a time my friend… before you know it we'll be writing success stories once again!

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