5lbs of DIRT! – Dyson Compact Animal Vacuum

vacuumI KID YOU NOT!  I’m actually disgusted by how much dirt, hair, fur that I picked off my bedroom carpet.  You can bet our old vacuum is in the trash now.  Like, YUK!  I can’t believe our carpet was this dirty.  So glad DYSON is in our lives now!

My kiddos and I suffer from asthma and skin allergies.  Vacuuming was always left for when we’re leaving the house early in the morning as the dust particles set off our asthma.  Needless to say we didn’t vacuum as much as we would like as it took us days to get our breathing back to normal after the dust that is thrown by our old machine settled down…. my bad.

I have been reading great reviews on the Dyson line of vacuums.  My only set back was my budget and for years only eyeballed the machines as I passed them by the aisle of our favorite chain stores.  Well, recently our asthma started acting up more than usual and my kiddos skin allergies were more frequent.  As I flipped through the channels I came across a network that was offering the “Dyson Compact Animal Vacuum” with “easy payments.”  They were offering FREE shipping&handling AND a guarantee to boot.  I decided to take the plunge since I could return it if it doesn’t perform as I expected!





It arrived to my work address today.  I quickly assembled it as soon as I got home and had it rumbling though a 6ft x 4ft area that I have the most traffic in my room.  I am embarrassed to say that I filled up the see through container in a few swipes!  I couldn’t believe how much gunk this little machine picked up.

As my kiddos and I cleared the room and used this little monster we ended up emptying the container 10 times!  It sucked every little thing left behind by our old machine.  My Daughter and I – as well as our fur babies – shed a lot and let me tell you… it picked it up without missing a beat!  Normally I would have to clean the rollers from our old vacuum at least twice  while passing it over our room’s carpet BUT Dyson’s rollers were CLEAN with no hair or fur stuck to it.  The head/attachment is see through and can see the dirt being whisked off as if it were liquid, and the bristles keeping clean/free from any hair or thread.


My Mom is a breast cancer survivor and has limited use of her left arm/body due to the surgery.  This vacuum only weighs 11lbs and is the smoothest and easiest machine we’ve ever used.  The “ball” makes the movement effortless and comes with attachments to get to the nook and crannies easily.

The filter is to be washed regularly with cold running water then left to dry.  I don’t have to worry about bags or needing to replace these.  Emptying the debris canister is as simple as a push of a button and clips back in just as easily.

I’m mad at myself for not buying this sooner and recommend it to anyone suffering from asthma and/or allergies like we do.  Particles weren’t released back in to the air while vacuuming and I’m still picking up my jaw from the floor from all that nasty gunk it picked up.  It’s the BEST investment for our health and home that I’ve done!

P.S. This model also works on floors!

Video from the site I purchased mine from **I am NOT affeliated in any way and recommend you search for SALES at your favorite store before purchasing.  🙂
Link>> <<<Techie Details Click Here>>>

Do you use a Dyson?  WHY didn’t you tell me about the magic of this machine?!!  LOL!  Seriously, what model do you use?

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