3 Point Fashion Hack: Getting Ruffled Up! (Outfit Of The Day)

Wonderfully Majestic in “Taylor Dresses” Ruffles

My favorite number is 3!  It’s the magic number in my life and have inducted this to my easy – no thinking – fashion in a jiff!  
I think of 3 components to each look I’m styling.  Keeps it clean and simple.  You’ll see this in most all my posts and hope to highlight them to help make this “fashionista” process even more easier to attain by anyone that has a few minutes to do so.

In this look these are the 3 I chose:

1.  Classic cut dress with an impacting detail.

2.  Accent with one accessory – my trusty animal print flats with spikes (I do A LOT of walking at my new job and want to be comfy BUT stylish)

3.  One makeup spotlight – I chose a gorgeous deep and color shifting eye shadow in a matching purple from my “Urban Decay” Electric Pallet

Taking a classic shift dress that is comfortable and adding the detail that makes it extra special is a must have in my closet.  It is a medium weight material that I wore on a warm sunny day.  The ruffled details added weight and helped in keeping the dress from up with the wind picked up.  
Now, you can dress it up or down by accessorizing.  Adding a peter-pan collar and/or undershirt would completely change the look.  Mix in a blazer or scarf as well as adding a belt will cinch in the loose fit to a more tailored look.  These past few looks I have kept it simple and let the dresses speak for themselves.  All I did was add my animal print spiked flats for a bit of personality and LOVE it!
I wear this color on the regular as it compliments my dark features.  It also gives me a reason to use one of my favorite shades on my eyes!  I’ve also been partial to a nude lip this summer even though I would match this up with a purple lip for a night out.
As a Single Mama of Teens and commuting to their school and work very early early in the morning I can’t think too hard on what I’m wearing.  My closet is full of dresses as they are convenient and easy to just slip on and put on my shoes then go straight to hair and makeup.  As opposed to choosing separates and adding more thought to matching and fit as I would a skirt or pants.
3 Point Fashion is PERFECT for my lifestyle as a Fashionista, working Mom and a gal that enjoys gaining confidence from my style.  Life is fast paced, fashion add to it any strain to it when you have this as simple as  UNO… DOS… TRES!
Measurements:    48  –  44  –  54                          Height:   5’0
I’m wearing Size 18W and it fit loose but enjoyed the added space and my curves helped give it form.  For a more fitted look I recommend to wear a size down.  This dress is not currently available on line… sorry…. 
BUT it is offered to members of “Gwynnie Bee.”  That’s where my dress is from and have been using their service for a couple of years now.  This is another perk for being a member where you find hard to find styles or designs exclusive to Gwynnie Bee.  
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Is there a look you’d like me to do a “3 Point Fashion Hack” on?  I’d LOVE to hear from you!  Drop a comment on this post and I’ll be sure to respond.


    • June 24, 2015 / 2:31 am

      I do too! It's classically simple yet fun and girly!

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